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Nov 5, 2023

Not Detain Him – Falz to Buhari

Welcome to The Gazette, your premier source for all the latest news and insights. We are a leading name in the field of Mass Media, Newspapers & Magazines, committed to delivering accurate, engaging, and timely information to our readers. In this article, we shed light on the recent statement made by the renowned Nigerian artist Falz to President Buhari, emphasizing the significance of freedom and justice.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has always played a vital role in reflecting societal issues and conveying important messages to the masses. Amidst this backdrop, Falz, a multi-talented artist known for his thought-provoking music and activism, recently expressed his concerns to President Muhammadu Buhari regarding the alarming state of freedom and justice in the country.

Highlighting the Importance of Freedom

In a world where freedom of expression forms the cornerstone of democracy, Falz fearlessly vocalized his thoughts on the possible negative repercussions of suppressing dissenting voices and opinions. He firmly stated, "Not detain him," reiterating the significance of allowing individuals to express their beliefs without fear of persecution.

Freedom is the essence of any democratic society, enabling citizens to exercise their rights, participate in open discussions, and contribute to the overall development of the nation. Falz's statement echoes the sentiments of many Nigerians who believe that an open and inclusive society is key to progress and a brighter future.

Upholding Justice for All

Alongside emphasizing the importance of freedom, Falz called for the preservation of justice for all individuals in Nigeria. He highlighted the need for fair and impartial systems that are capable of upholding the law without any discrimination, thereby ensuring a just society.

Justice serves as the bedrock on which any civilized society stands. It ensures that all citizens, irrespective of their background, are treated fairly and equally under the eyes of the law. Falz's plea for justice resonates with a nation that seeks equality and fairness at every level, fostering unity and harmony.

The Role of the Nigerian Government

As citizens, it is crucial to recognize that the responsibility of safeguarding freedom and justice lies not only with individuals but also with the government. The Nigerian government must play an active role in establishing an environment where all voices are heard, and justice prevails.

The Gazette stands by the belief that a strong democracy requires the active participation of the government in addressing the concerns raised by influential voices like Falz. By promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, the government can build trust, strengthen democratic institutions, and create an enabling environment for progress and development.


The statement made by Falz to President Buhari serves as a reminder of the core principles that underpin a thriving democracy – freedom and justice. As The Gazette, we firmly believe in the power of open dialogue, critical thinking, and informed decision-making. Through our commitment to delivering reliable news and insights, we strive to foster a society where every Nigerian's voice is heard and justice prevails.

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Elina Glazer
👏 Insightful statement!
Nov 9, 2023